The Quiet Before The Storm

Picking up the pieces after polling day. The Left sit uncomfortably on the losing side once again. Each election result since I cast my first ballot in 2014, has felt more painful than the last.

This Conservative campaign was without a doubt the most despicable shadow of democracy we’ve seen in a cannon of low blows. As much as I disagree with David Cameron, the man knew how to be a politician. He was charismatic, he had a veneer of honesty and integrity. He by cast us all a drift when he put Brexit on the ballot.

In arrogance, Cameron assumed the people would side with him. He took us all for granted in a gamble to silence murmurs of unrest from the Brexit faction of his party. But Brexit won, to the shock of either side. No plan had been made and from then on began the dubious divorce that plagues politics today. Cameron couldn’t survive his own referendum campaign, and when he left, he took with him any potential for ‘one nation’ conservatism.

Inspiring the masses with her quivering endurance to the tune of It’s not what I wanted, but we’ve got to do it anyway, May held our sympathy but lost respect in her attempts to provide strong and sinking leadership. So ‘Get Brexit done was born’ clueless, and vulnerable to exploitation.

Boris Johnson promises that the union isn’t under threat because of Brexit, in his growing brand of Colonial Conservatism. Barely United, is this how we prevail?

Those against Scottish Independence who championed Brexit in the Leave campaign are ironically, the victims of their own success. If they wanted the Kingdom to remain United they shouldn’t have had led such a vaguely successful marketing campaign, with easily transferable ideas. Who wouldn’t want to Take Back Control from this blundering British Government; Leave.2 Scexit, Leave.3 Wexit, Leave.4 FECK IT.

Keeping Calm and trying to Carry On, we down the irony of the Leave campaigns’ disregard for independence, Within Our Own Union, like the bitty dregs it is…

Who can begrudge calls for further independence and taking back control, when this Government has sponsored this rhetoric for the last five years? Cut and plastered after each question that dares to suggest working collaboratively as part of the European Union in this globalised world, might make more sense? To many, in England, Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales, European involvement in our politics would feel more at home than such isolationist nationalism. To us, we are Europeans, who desperately wish to Take Back Control from this Conservative Government.

In the context of Scotish Independance, the veneer of the Conservative Party’s passion for independence slips away, revealing that taking back control only applies to their brand of free market capitalism. One that is not held back by human rights insured by European convention. Free from European food quality standards, Air Quality regulations, clean energy targets, and a European standard of diplomacy. In this Conservative Brexit Utopia, they are untethered, free to make deals that benefit the rich and the powerful by lowering basic standards that do not affect the privileged dining on the cream at the top.

Restricting migration while behind the scenes gold passport schemes are brewed, so for a price you can purchase the freedom of movement they will enjoy, but openly criticise and curb for those fleeing war and persecution. Those ‘low skilled’ workers who run our NHS, saving our lives. ‘Low skilled’ people from the EU who make up the back bone of this country. A golden age of access to work and live across the EU now in the balance for all of us in the UK.

This is where we live now, in the void, enjoying those freedoms we took for granted, while the rug is pulled beneath us, revealing a cold pavement existence for many while the red carpet is cordoned off for the few.

The work now is pinning it down, with the weight of all of us who see this injustice for what it is. If you have weight to give, pile it on. It is our responsibility now, to hunker down, and protect the freedoms our grandparents fought for. The NHS. The same generation who took in child refugees. The generation who risked their lives hiding the persecuted. The date has changed but the risks are the same. People are dying in immigration detention centres caught between war, destitution, captivity and freedom. We still need to work to prevent Poverty, Disease, Squalor and zero hours contracts may hide the reality of unemployment, but the growing number of people falling into homelessness is the reality of how conservative austerity has transformed this country.

All the while the world is burning. Global warming can no longer be a partisan issue. It is unacceptable for those in power to opt out of discussing climate change. There should not be a debate on the fact that changes must be made. My generation are questioning whether they can justify having children when the future of our planet is in the balance and yet Boris Johnson has nothing to say on the matter? People are dying, species are being allowed to slip into extinction and the planet is crying out for change.

We need politicians to collaborate and reach compromise to take us forward. But let us be clear, there can be no compromise on planetary and human injustice.

There is no more space to push human rights. We are already living in a society where suffering and injustice is built into the everyday practice of life, as normalised as passing someone by in the street who is asking for help. As official as the immigration process, that takes your passport and detains you indefinitely, status above humanity.

There is no more time to quibble about how to tackle climate change. People are trying, we are buying less plastic. Some of us have cut out meat. We are thinking about how we can do better. But more plastic is still being made every day. It’s time for the message to get to those at the top, stop making plastic, embrace alternatives as part of your daily business practice. For the sake of us all and those people who have not been born yet, make renewable the energy source.

There is no excuse.

Pinar Del Rio, Cuba May 2019

Published by sincerelyeukarya

Writing from London. Photographs from the author's adventures. Icon image is by an unknown graffiti artist in Havanna, Cuba; the disordered numbers ask you to question what you have been told.

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