An Open Letter To Start Fresh

19th November 2019

Finding some peace at the close of what has been a bit of a year, for all of us.

Sometimes it feels like we are on the edge of disaster. Poisoning the earth beneath our feet. Fighting amongst ourselves. Destined for collective self-destruction. If not from drinking and smoking too much. Drinking eating and strangling the world with plastic. Choking on our own fumes. Or handing control to the maniacs who seem to captivate democracy these days.

Whatever you think. Whoever you vote for. Perhaps we share the same sinking feeling. With all the stress and injustice in the world, it does not feel like we are heading in the right direction.

We are lost.

We do not know how to keep living the only way we know how without plaguing the planet. Nature paying for our short-sighted choices.

Looking to our leaders to guide us into a world that gives us respect, opportunities, fulfilment, and love. We want to be free to enjoy our families. We want stability and hope.

Such basic things, yet too often we are left disappointed.

Spending more time working towards other people’s dreams.

Watching the clock that is always too fast or too slow.

We deserve better. We should be treating the people we love better.

We need to start caring about the spaces we create.

Make it beautiful. Fill it with sensitivity and respect.

Make a space better by being in it. Joyous and caring.

Without the mess left behind.

Dare to hope. People will disappoint you. Do not disappoint yourself.

Be your best you. I will be my best me. And maybe, little by little, the world can be a better place for all of us in 2020…

The view from Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

Published by sincerelyeukarya

Writing from London. Photographs from the author's adventures. Icon image is by an unknown graffiti artist in Havanna, Cuba; the disordered numbers ask you to question what you have been told.

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